PMP320 AP Negative Voltage

We are working on update our power solutions on a couple sites that we haven't moved away from PMP320. Our DC units by default provide -56V power. With this in mind, can the PMP320 APs support the negative voltage, or do we need to install a converter to run positive for them?

Nick - I don't think the 320 AP accepts negative voltages... That product was designed to be compatible with CMM4, which outputs +56VDC.  You'll likely need the DC-DC converter in order to get that to work.

That said... you might as well throw out that old junk and invest more in 450!!


Thanks as always, Matt.

LOL! That is the plan, this particluar site is dual stacked with 320 and 450i while we are migrating customers. Oddly enough it's hard to move 90 people over-night to a single platform....

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