PMP320 APs not working in WM3 after upgrade

Sent this to support as well, figure I’d ask here too!

After upgrading the Access Points from e2.1.2 to e2.2.1, Wireless Manager will no longer rediscover them with the proper SNMP settings, I receive this alarm/error:

“Rediscovery failed. Device did not respond properly to all discovery probes. Try to refresh the device manually to see if the problem persists.”

The settings are correct and updating status manually fails. As an experiment I deleted one of the APs from Wireless Manager (from inventory and node discover) and re-added it. Now it shows up as just a Generic Element instead of an AP.

snmpwalk with no specific OID set works fine, I have not tried beyond the defaults.

I am running Wireless Manager v3.

Anyone else ever seen this?


Update on this - there is a hotfix that is not listed on the main downloads page where I’m used to getting software. There also isn’t a release in the forum that this problem exists.

You can find the hotfix here: http://motorola.wirelessbroadbandsuppor … t=1&type=1