PMP320 - how to support?

Backstory: Taking over a super neglected wireless network. It’s an eclectic mix of 10-20 year old hardware. I’m happy to work with the PMP100 and 450, and I have worked with various wimax systems over the years, but I’ve never worked with PMP320.

I’m told the PMP320’s are managed and configured through a web browser. Do they have command line management as an option? I suspect the mikrotiks in front of them have a spaghetti of firewall rules that might be rejecting telnet access, but that’s another can of worms I want to avoid.

So, via web browsers, after I hit a login prompt and enter credentials, the GUI just stops loading. It looks like there are three iframes trying to load. Are modern browsers to blame? I tried going in from a windows 2012 server, old versions of firefox and I’ve tried ieTester but no beans so far. Do I need to send someone to this site to reboot the things?

Any experienced operators have any advice? Other than replace them… that’s the plan! But right now we don’t have budget for that until next year.

And just to clarify, all I care to do for now is a) have a support process in case a customer calls (eg., check to see if device is online, and what kind of signal stats that device has and b) get a sense of how many devices are even on these things to plan out replacement.