PMP320 Latency

We seem to experience high latency when using the PMP320 Product Always greater then 50 Milliseconds, it doesn’t matter how good the signal on the CPE. I have read that 40-80ms is sort of a standard latency. I have to ask why is this the case? I know the UBNT 3.65 is not canopy, but I get Less then 2 MS ping time everywhere.

We have deployed Motorola 3.65 CMM4 with GPS timing in the CMM4.

Any ideas?


The PMP 320 product is based on the WiMAX protocol. So at the bare minimum, there will 40ms latency due to the WiMAX standard.

What service flows are you using on the PMP 320 product? This will also affect your latency.

wimax has a massive amount of tech to recover damaged and fragmented data the UBNT doesn’t
it also has a syncable frame structure that UBNT doesn’t have.
these mechinisms will add to your lat, however the 320 will get signals stable were the UBNT can’t dream off.
we use both products FYI the UBNT will not run very well when hitting its capacities, the canopy mac and the wimax mac are designed to run at full load and will manage high load and overload better than a wifi based chipset simply due to the nature of the access protocals. not knocking ubnt, they make a good product using such a limited protocal however you can’t expect a low cost product to have the same load handling and penetration has actual MAN technologies… keep in mind ubnt has adapted LAN technologies to try and cover the job of a MAN system, granted some siturations it will work well but the wimax and canopy mac will handle hi load more effectly, and many more obsticals.

also if you have harq enabled, it will add an extra 20ms or so. however harq adds a great deal of stabilization to your signal in exchange for some lat.

mgthump’s right on the money (and admin of course). Part of the 802.16(whatever) standards is a certain base latency for error handling and the service flow QoS mechanisms. You can tweak things a bit with service flow settings but it will never be a non-fault-tolerant light-load-only FIFO WiFi unit like Ubiquiti is.

Thank you everyone for the replies I understand now. It does seem that with a VoIP QOS in place our customers have no issues. Where on the UBNT equipment they do have quite a few issues, and really that is all that matters to us since we are a clec trying to service customers.