Is there a reason why on PMP 320 , when i apply service flow to a SM and i press the little disk to save , 3-4 days later, the SF are no more on the AP and it afffecting the customer and we have to remake them.

If you dont understand what i mean, let me know i will try to explain better.

Thanks a lot

What firmware is running on the AP?

Are these the basic steps you take:

1 - add CPE MAC to 'Authorized CPE List'

2 - add new entries under 'Provisioned Service Flows' (while CPE is NOT registered to AP)

3 - click the floppy disk 'save' button.

4 - confirm specified service flow changes are applied when CPE registers

5 - then some days later those settings are all gone?  Just the defined service flows or the MAC addition to authorized list as well?  Has the AP rebooted in the interim or are the changes just evaporating while still running?


how i can i see the firmware version?

Step 1 to 4 is yes

Step 5 Only SF dissapear. they are still in the Autorized List and the AP didnt reboot since 41 days.

It seem it evaporating while still running