PMP320AP with Gemtek WISX-177cpe

Has anyone tried this?

We’ve been testing this setup for the last week. We can get it link up no problem but passing traffic is HUGE problem. We have EXTREME packet loss over the wireless.

We’ve tried it at multiple distances and even with the CPE about 30ft away. The packet loss is still crazy bad.

I’ve tried every firmware version in Layer 3 mode and e2.0 and e2.0.1 in layer 2 mode. All with the same results.

At times I can pass few packets large packets successfuly and then it just stops, so I try small packets and I can barely pass them.

We’ve tried 2 cpe’s, both with the same results.

The CPE’s have been proven to work with the Purewave base station, so It’s not the CPE’s.

At a total loss right now. Thoughts, ideas, suggestions???

setup a syslog server to receive syslog messages from the ap.
it has the most detailed inof as to what might be happening.
i would also set the syslog level to info on the AP as to get as much info as possible. Just keep and eye on it while you are testing as it will send a large amount of data to the syslog server.

we have also been testing ours for around a week and have not seen any issues with packet loss. just a major learning curve as far as setting up PROPER service flows.