PMP430 firmware 11.0.1 total throughput

I user PMP430 with 10MHz with on sector 30 subscribers - prizm see RF traffic on sector Max RX=300K Max TX=800K
IN manual PMP430 maximum 20Mbit but sector maximum transmit does not rise above 800*8=6400=6Mbit
I change on 20MHz but max TX see 800K.
why the sector throughput = 7mbit?

Prizm is one of the End-of-Life (EOL) application that is sunsetting. Prizm 3.3.10 support up through Software release 10.4 on Canopy Radios. Since you are on software release 11.0.1, some of the features or SNMP OID’s may report differently. Prizm will still be able to set VLAN and Bandwidth profiles on newer software, but it has not been tested.