PMP430sm 's on PMP450AP virtually no thoughput,

We upgraded 430 ap to 450AP and were tickled with the link test results, until…
Customers we complaining and we tested and actual though put was around 1.5 meg, even when linktest was showing up to 39.5 meg,
are we the first, or only ones to notice this?
And if we downgrade software could we get the speed back?
Seemed better when we first did it,

Did you try to turn NAT off and test again?

We are not using nat,

Hey there, we’re looking at the PMP450 product this week and this is the sort of weirdo issue we want to watch out for.

Can you share more details on your setup? L2/L3? Software versions, number of clients? Is this only with PMP430 SMs?