PMP450 15.1 SM refuses to update to 15.1.1

This is my first time using cnMaestro to try to update PMP450 radios. I've used it for ePMP updates with no issues.

I'm simply trying to update a PMP450 3.65 SM from 15.1 to 15.1.1 and it keeps failing.

- It shows up as healthy in cnMaestro

- There are no relavent logs in the SM's event log

- I've tried rebooting it before attempting an update

- The jobs monitor shows that it's 'Downloading the firmware image' to the SM, and then after awhile it returns "Downloading of firmware image failed'

In the past, I've always used CNUT and enabled auto-update on the AP of the SM(s) I've wanted to update.

Any hints on what I could be doing wrong? I'd really like to use cnMaestro for firmware updates for all my radios going forward. Thanks!

Try rebooting the SM and attempt to upgrade again.  In the past some types of devices would run out of memory to store the upgrade image.  I do not recall which specific devices and firmware version(s) this was applicable to offhand.

If you still see this issue after rebooting please capture a Tech Support File (at device level from left hand menu, Manage -> Tools -> hand holding wrench button) and send it to jordan.stipati [.at.]

Following up for other readers.

After discussion via email it was found that the firmware update issue was only with the NAT SM's using firmware prior to 15.1.1.  Eric confirmed that 15.1.1 NAT SM's can update fine.

This may present problems for other operators that rely on cnMaestro to update NAT SM's with older firmware.  If you experience this please ensure that the SM's Remote Management setting is set to "Enable (Standalone Config)".

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