PMP450 / 450i VLANs & Max. Capacity

Hi All,

I need to know if there is a way for the SM (450 / 450i) to filter the traffic based on VLAN tag. Exapmle: I need to pass traffic with VLAN tags  2, 6, 10 only and block all other traffic in & out.

Also, I need to know the maximum aggregate capacity can be carried by PMP450/ 450i per sector for different channel widths.


Hi Mohamed,

Yes, there is a way to filter traffic based on VLAN tags. 

VLANs need to be enabled on the AP, to filter VLAN tagged traffic.

In "Configuration -> VLAN" page of the SM and AP, 

- Set "Dynamic Learning" to "Disable"

- Add the VLANs you would like to pass through, to "VLAN Membership Configuration" table.

For site-specific link range and throughput planning information, see:

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Hi Balaji,

Thanks for your help.