PMP450 5ms Frame Period


Anyone using the 5ms Frame period on the PMP450M?

Have tried it on one M and my pings and speeds are all over the shop. Packet loss and speed is fluctuating.


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I haven’t, but it sounds like it could be a timing issue.

Is this AP co-located at a site with another AP that’s using 2.5ms frames on the same channel?

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If you have other 450m’s in the coverage area that are still on 2.5ms frame times, you are likely causing your own issue. To do the test properly, you need to convert att the 450m and 450i’s that can see each other tower to 5 ms frame timing.

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This. Any APs it can see need to be 5ms. It’s a cascading change, essentially.

How far can an AP see and AP? We have two tower sites about 9 miles apart. We are experiencing alot of wireless interferecne in the cbrs band. Noise from 3.5 to 3.8mhz

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