PMP450 and CMM4 DC Power Options

Hi all,

Has anybody powered either (or both) of PMP 450 AP or CMM4 via -48V DC.  Most of the telco site these are installed in have -48V.

Any tips will be appreciated.


Eddie - 

Other customers do this regularly.  We have tested and recommend the following DC-DC converter for this purpose.  Meanwell makes the SD series, which takes in -48VDC and outputs +24 VDC.

For CMM4 (to power up to 6 PMP 450 APs) you can use the 150W Meanwell device: SD-150-24C

For single AP power, you can use the 25W device: SD-25-24C

Hope this information helps,


Thanks, Matt.  In the meantime, i've found a possible alternative locally.

It can take +/- 48V DC as input and output to 24V DC. (also attached)

Refer to model APK60 - 4824.

Will this suit?


You will have Just 60W.

In my opinion its sound fine for less than 3ap´s based in the output power.