PMP450 AP 48 volt support?

In reference to a thread on the AF list where a guy blew up FSK APs by feeding them with 48 volts, and the 450 APs ran fine on 48.... does the regular 450 AP support 48-56VDC?

And no, not the 450i. Nor do I mean 802.3af or 3at standard power. I'm talking regular old Canopy POE/pinout, but fed with 48 or 56 instead of 29.5VDC.

The more stuff that I can move to 48V at sites the better. Less/smaller DC-DC converters to install, etc.

I'll chime in since no one else has.  I believe it is only the "i" series access points and PTP radios that accept 802.3at PoE.  And I think it was only the PMP430 access points that accepted 48VDC on the Canopy pinout.

If in doubt, check the spec sheets.  Otherwise you'll end up blowing stuff up, which hasn't been my favorite way of learning in the past, although it can be fun sometimes.  haha

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The PMP450 power supply is designed to operat at 30VDC maximum.

If you feed 48V you are stressing the power supply and possibly damaging the surge suppression circuitry.

You may be able to get it running for some time but eventually, because of the overstress on the parts, it will be a liability to run it at >30VDC

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