PMP450 AP 'Airlink Security' missing as an option?

I have an PMP450 series AP that does not allow me to select AES-128 as the airlink security under Configuration > Security. Every other AP appears to have the option, and has it enabled. Firmware is 16.1.1. Any ideas?




AES capability comes from the Feature Key, so something might have gone wrong with the Feature Key on that radio.

I'd recommend opening up a customer support ticket where it can be investigated and maybe a new key needs to be issued if the old one was lost. (I hate losing my keys!!)  :)


Hey Charlie, 

So even AES-128 (not the licensed AES-256) requires a feature key? 



A different part of Feature Key but yes. DES (now deprecated) or AES or No Encryption are options in a Feature Key.

AES-256 is a separate Feature Key.

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