PMP450 - Authentication Error


I cannot create a support ticket through the cambium support portal. It gives me an Unknown error everytime.

When we updated to 20.0.1 our PMP450 SM’s couldn’t connect to any of the PMP450 AP’s we have in our network (450i 450 and 450m’s)

I’ve tried updating to 20.1 and 20.2 and the issue is still there, on all AP’s in our network, and all of our SM’s.

Please Advise.


Just to add to this, we are using 128 bit AES with a key set.
If i change it to “use default key” on the AP and SM then it works.

If i set both to our own key, it doesn’t work, and we get authenfail errors in the authentication log of the SM and the AP

Hi there. This issue was fixed in 20.1 After you upgrade, you will need to re-enter your key. Please do so and notify that issue is fixed.