PMP450 (DFS)


Can anyone share how to Configure and Verify PMP450 - DFS ??

Is it all about avoiding Radar signals  ??  or it is generally for avoiding any interference signal ??

and is there any configurable threshold value for the interference level if exceeded the link will move to better clear carrier ??

DFS is a regulatory requirement for certain bands in certain locations.  When you set the proper region code and country code, depending on the operating frequency, you may or may not be required operate using DFS.

DFS is a radar detection mechanism.  There is nothing to configure, as the thresholds and detection mechanisms are mandated by the regulatory body for the region you are operating in.  The configurable parameters in this are to set the alternate frequencies should a detection occur.

There are components of both radar signtaure detection and pure energy detection in DFS.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your reply.

As per your clarification, for PMP450, we do not have a DFS mechanism similar to that implemented in PTP.

As in PTP, DFS is not only a radar detection mechanism, it is an interference mitigation technique (which we need to be implemented in PMP450) in which both PTP antennas continually monitor for interference on all channels and then select the best frequency of operation.

The specific question is, do we have a DFS (interference mitigation technique) in PMP450 similar to that we have in PTP300/500/600/650  ??  If yes , how to activate and verify that  ??


In PTP 650, we have what is known as DSO or Dynamic Spectrum Optimization.  This is the interference monitoring feature that you're talking about.

No, right now, we don't have this feature in the PTP 450 or 450i platform equipment.

DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) typically refers to the regulatory requirement for scanning for radar.  Sorry for my misunderstanding.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your reply.