PMP450 Firm 16.2.3 cnMaestro error

Hi All.
I have updated 1 PMP450 and 1 SM450 from version 16.0.1 to 16.2.3 and in cnMaestro, appears like they are offline but really they are online and can be managed by the web interface.
If I look to the cnMaestro configuration TAB in the devices, in the “Connection Status” line indicates the follow: "Invalid Serial No (IP X.X.X.X). The X.X.X.X is the IP of the URL fo cnMaestro
Other devices, which have firm 16.0.1 have no problems and their status is connected to cnMaestro.
Does someone know what may be happening?
Thanks and regards

I believe you are using On-Premise cnMaestro server, Could you please make sure that version is 2.3.0 or later, if not could you please upgrade cnMaestro server to 2.3.0 or higher.

Latest version can be downloaded from here


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