PMP450 IP information available on the home screen prior to login

Customer requests that the IP information be visible on the home screen, prior to login, on the PMP450 platform.  This information is useful for troubleshooting and commissioning and presenting it on the home screen with having to login would make things easier.

Ehhhh... this is a really strange request. This seems like a Catch-22 situation. You need to know the IP to get to the radio's mgmt page, so then why do you need the IP shown to you on a pre-login status page? It's already shown to you in the browser's address bar. The only situation I can think of where this might be useful is if you backdoor into the SM through the AP... that being said, I can't think of any radios on the market that show this information BEFORE you login. Maybe you can provide some additional detail from the client on the use case.

So the PTP6X0 can be configured to show a bunch of status information before login... but even that doesn't show you the radio's IP address information... probably because you need the IP in order to access the page in the first place!

The use case is accessing the SM via the private LAN2 subnet (AP proxy).  It just cuts down on the number of clicks needed to find the information during troubleshooting.