PMP450 license key

i want to know how can i insert the license key on my SM .

also why i cant insret my full prodect MAC address here ?

please help 

From your screen shot, it appears you're trying to enter a license key for a PTP (Point to Point) product.

The PMP 450 has a different key management tool, and all MAC addresses start with 0A:00:3E:xx:xx

Typically, license keys on the PMP equipment are simply URL's that you enter into a browser, which applies the key to the radio GUI directly...


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thanks alot for your response 

i orderd the license key and its on the way , and i wanted to check the cambium nework site for any information about intering the license key but i didnt find any.  

Hi Matt,
need your expalanation for the C000045K149A, is it change the freq range to 4940 Mhz - 4990 or 4940 - 5925 Mhz ?