PMP450 line - SMs drop session when below a set modulation

We're in a noisy environement in which the noise frequency shifts around.  As a result, we often overlap APs so each SM has two different frequencies to choose from.  The problem is that the SMs don't swap to the other AP when there's a lot of noise.  An SM that could be running at QAM64 on another AP will stay on an AP running QPSK instead.

I would like to see an option to define a minimum modulation in the SM.  If the SM is running below the minimum modulation, it drops the session and tries to reconnect to a different AP.  There should be three choices made by the admin for each SM:
The minimum modulation

How long the SM runs at the modulation before it drops session, to stop short bursts from triggering it

How long the SM should wait between drops, so the SM isn't constantly dropping if there isn't a cleaner shot available.  This would allow the service to still be usable nd the equipment accessible remotely even if the modulation is below the minimum.

Ideally, this should be configurable separately for the DL and UL, and there should be a log tracking it so I can see it hopping back and forth historically.

This would not only save me a lot of time manually looking for and changing primary/secondary CCs to force SMs onto the AP they work better on, and it would increase overall capacity by keeping SMs on higher modulations.

You could do this with a S/N value instead, but in my experience the signal strength and S/N don't always corellate to capacity the way one would expect, so I'd prefer it be based on modulation.