PMP450-LTE-WiMax timing

+1billion kudos to Cambium for releasing a 450 - LTE calculator.

We also have a large public utility running WiMax gear.

I started playing with the 450 - 320 and 450 - LTE calculators and I came upon a specific frame config for our 3GHz 450 that allows all three to coexist.

15 miles, 80%, 4 control slots at 5ms framing lines up with the utility's Wimax gear and (Chinese TD-LTE mfg's) default 2:1 and sub-frame assignment 7, as well as sub-frame 5.

Our SM uplink SNRs and modulations have either tripled in the best cases or at least doubled.


This is great news George.  Thanks for posting. For others, the calculators that he is referring to are HERE.

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Actually, the LTE Co-location tool is located HERE.

I am working on consolidating all of the co-location tools in this location...

This is interesting.  What version are you running your AP on?  Is this 3ghz 450, 450i or 450m?

I pointed out in another thread that 80% downlink data isn't possible with recent firmware versions for 450i.  In order to sync with the rest of our 3.65 AP's I had to downgrade a 450i AP to v15.1.

Also, what is "Chinese TD-LTE mfg" is this Telrad?  Baicells?  


I answered over in the other thread just now, but I'll mention it here for completeness.

The DL% bug was fixed in 15.2.

If you try that and still have a problem please let us know.

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Currently running 15.1.5 here. Will be updating to 15.2.1. Haven't had the time yet.

I thought Telrad is Israeli and Baicells is Chinese...? Hopefully that answers the question. :)

Release 15.1.5 on a standard 450 AP. Maybe the 75% max bug is a 10MHz vs 15/20/30MHz thing? Haven't messed with it. 95% of our APs are on 10MHz.