PMP450 massive CPE pre-configuration

Hi people,

we recently decide to swap from ePMP to PMP450m. I am searching for a way to pre-configure a massive number of CPEs before I distribute them to the installers. With ePMP I was able to do that by providing DHCP via wireless and launching a massive configuration and upgrade via snmp. 

Is there any way to do something similar to a massive number of default PMP450 CPEs?

Hi ,

You can add these devices to cnMAestro which is a management application for all Cambium devices and can push the configuration to all the PMP 450 AP and its underlying SMs through a configuration template .



I know cnmaesto we already have it installed with 9000 ePMP. 

But by default the CPEs 450 are able to connect to cnmaestro or I have to access each CPE and configure the IP of the cnmaestro?

If you setup a RADIUS server in a lab environment you can automatically push configuration files to the SMs as they connect to the AP. This is part of the Zero Touch Configuration feature in PMP450.

The idea being that you have a lab AP with a test RADIUS server behind it. Then just pull the SM out of the box, power it up, allow it to connect and dowload its configuration, and then power down and put it back in the box.

Ok i will try to set up a Radius server. Thank you for your answer.