PMP450 not change configuration

please help resolve the problem.

i have symptoms on PMP450AP

1. after change configuration and reboot PMP450 startup with old configuration

2. After click "Clear event log" - show message "Unsaved Changes - and- Reboot Required" - after reboot event log not cleared

3. update it is PMP in CNUT show message - have session id=49 and device not updated

Hi, Which software release on PMP 450? Does you event log contain garbage characters?

Release 14.1.1
Yes event log contain garbage characters

Hi , Please use 14.1.2 , we fix similar issue there. Thanks, Chitrang

Version 14.1.2 from CNUT not may update - show in log what all good update but after reboot AP with old version 14.1.1


Hi, You mean to say that if you try to upgrade 14.1.2 from 14.1.1 using CNUT , it doesn’t succeed ? and AP are still on 14.1.1 ? that strange , Please check CNUT error log, Please send CNUT dump on solutions AT cambiumnetworks DOT com

Madmax123 - I highly suggest that you open a support ticket so you can work with our support staff directly on solving your issue.  This is not a known or common issue, and I am sure the team will be able to help you.

Hi Madmax,

Please share us your email address so we can create a case and further  assist you on your issue .


Abhilash Menon

Hi, Support_abhi1! Thanks, I have already sent a message on this issue to AT cambiumnetworks DOT com. My email

Hii! There was a solution to our problem?