PMP450: Port Forwarding to Statically Assigned IP

Greenfield operator here. Been setting up my first access point and PMP450 Subscriber Module. I cannot seem to access a WiFi access point behind the SM, despite setting up port forwarding on the 450. Moreover, the router cannot seem to access my cnMaestro instance - or anything for that matter - upstream of the SM. I don’t see the router in the ARP list of the SM, so there’s SOMETHING odd going on.

I am using a cnPilot 201P at the customer site for WiFi and PoE. The SM is at on the LAN side. It is running the DHCP server and giving out addresses The cnPilot 201P has a statically assigned IP address of running in bridge mode. I have forwarded port 88 to port 80 of the router.

Is this just not supported? Does the router need to be given a DHCP address for the SM to find it or something?

Thanks for your help… Would also appreciate any other pointers to the “proper” configuration of the LAN side of a PMP450 and 201.


As an experiment, I took the router out of bridge mode and allowed the PMP450 SM to assign an address to the router via DHCP. Things work, but now my customer has a triple NAT to the Internet:

  • At core router (public to ISP internal address space)
  • At Subscriber module (ISP internal address space to SM private subnet
  • At Router (SM private network to home subnet)

Is it possible that the PMP450 SM does not support bridging data from statically assigned IPs outside it’s DHCP range?