PMP450/PTP450 Bridging


I have a LoS issue and want to use a redirect setup. A PMP450 SM will be installed on a building with a clear LoS to the AP. Then I want to use PTP450 SM to get the feed from the PMP to another PTP SM on a different buidling with LoS issue. How can I do that?

I'm a little confused about your question, but first off, just to clarify, Cambium's PMP and PTP products, while similarly named, are not compatible with one another. You cannot use a PTP450 SM to connect to a PMP450 AP. Maybe you can give us a little bit better detail on what you're trying to accomplish. One last thing, I've had really good luck with near and non-LOS shots using Cambium's PTP650 radios. They have excellent near and non LOS advantages for a 5ghz radio.

We've been going from PMP450 to ePMP1000 in PTP Master mode -> ePMP1000 in PTP Slave mode. The ePMP POE passthrough is great for this setup.