PMP450 SM rebooting on it's own.

I am having problems with a PMP450 SM that is rebooting on its own. The error reported is "02/22/2015 : 14:01:23 PST : :Reset due to error setting transmit frequency 2465 at temperature 59 C". The frequency that is configured is 2460 so I don't understand why the SM is trying to change to 2465. Can't find anything in the documentation. Firmware level is 13.1.3. Does anyone have any insight to this problem. Looks to me like the tempature is high.



Thanks for the post. When the board is initializing, it first test sets a calibration frequency at the lower part of the band. This is why you are seeing 2465 MHz frequency in your log, that is completely normal and it doesn’t transmit at this frequency so there is nothing to worry about.


Is this “Reset due to error setting transmit frequencyhappening every boot? If so, this is likely a hardware failure. Otherwise random occasional failures unfortunately due occur.


Could you post your whole event log?