PMP450 SM's using NAT and shared WAN/mgmt IP - Issues with cnMaestro and CNUT

I'm not sure if I've identified a bug or not, or if this is on purpose, but if a PMP450 SM is placed in NAT mode and the remote management interface is set to "Enable (use WAN interface)"... this will cause issues like...

-  In cnMaestro a Tech Support file cannot be download

- SM's using firmware prior to 15.1.1 do not appear to be able to be updated via cnMaestro

- CNUT fails to update SM directly, only AP autoupdate works

I believe this has something to do with the ports being blocked or shared between the NAT and remote mangaement intereface.

Does anyone else run their SM's using shared NAT/WAN/remote management? Has anyone else experienced these issues? Thanks!

Yep. We run all our SMs in NAT.

I had to use CNUT to manually add all the SMs, then upgrade them to 15. After that, Cnmaestro would pick them up. 

Hi Eric,

Are you experiencing any cnMaestro  issue with 15.1.1 ? 15.1.1 have fixes for all the cnMaestro issues related to NAT with WAN as remote interface, prior to 15.1.1 there were known  issues with software upgrade and techdump upload



Yes, I'm still experiencing issues in cnMaestro even with 15.1.1.

As mentioned, the Tech Support File cannot be downloaded.

Hi Eric,

We are able to reproduce techdump not working in NAT with WAN as remote interface, will debug and update, for now as work around you can use standalone interface



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