PMP450 sorting in Session status

We have the Webpage Auto Update set to 3 seconds. I’d like it if the sorting function didn’t resort the columns (it’s putting the list back in order of LUID) after every refresh.
Home>SessionStatus>SessionStatusList>Power - Try sorting the “AP Power (dBm)” with the arrows at the top of the column. After sorting, a “Auto refresh” un-sorts the data. If you disable the auto refresh (0 seconds) then the data wont get un-sorted.

One of the support staff here thought there was a problem with the AP when he ran a Link Test from the tools menu while the AP was set to 0 seconds. (I accidentally forgot to change it back) The Link test results don’t come back if the AP is set to 0 seconds.

Thanks for fixing this wonderful software people. =-)


Can you please include a screenshot of the sorted/unsorted states you’re seeing? On my test setup, if I sort by Power it looks right, and on subsequent auto-refresh intervals, it re-sorts to maintain the desired sort order. I’m not seeing a case where it’s no longer sorted after auto-refresh.


I verified this condition exists only on my 450m AP’s

Thanks! That actually helps narrow it down. I believe it’s an issue with how sorting works with split-columns. On 450m the table has sub-columns for SU/MU-MIMO, which it doesn’t on other platforms. I believe we fixed a similar sorting issue a while back on a different page. I’ll open a ticket and see if we can fix this in an upcoming release.

Be on the lookout for the upcoming Canopy 20.2.1 release which addresses this issue, in the next couple weeks or so. Thank for bringing it to our attention!