PMP450 - "The 30 Day Itch"


We have multiple sites with over 300 PMP SMs and APs. We have noticed something of a trend whereby around the 30 day uptime on either AP or SM, a multitude of different problems can start to occur.

For example, today, an AP with uptime of 30 days started giving Scheduler Errors, Receive Control Count and Transmit Control Count incrementing.

Other times, the auto negotiation between Cisco and Cambium equipment would fail and fall back to half duplex, so we have been hard-setting all these to 100/full to prevent this causing issues.

Sometimes an AP or SM will cease to pass a VLAN (not all), even if it is statically assigned in the VLAN membership table.

It sounds ridiculous and superstitious, but these occur regularly and the only solution seems a reboot, which will keep things going for another 30 days. We are currently running AES firmware.

We call it the 30 day itch in the office, and most of the time it seems to be the problem. We run very comms sensitive services, so we know about it as soon as a VLAN drops off!

Is anyone else having similar issues? Do you know what causes scheduler / control count issues?