PMP450 Updates/Upgrades via Web GUI

This is a feature request to add the ability to upgrade the software version using web GUI of the radios and support for the option to upload the backup config file using web Proxy on PMP450 equipment. Currently this option is available on the CnPilot and ePmP platforms, but not supported on the PMP450 platform. .cfg files can be loaded into equipment that is on the bench, but once deployed and connected to an AP this option is lost when it comes to config changes made via config files unless it is done though CnMaestro. Currenly the ONLY firmware upgrade support is CnMaestro or CNUT where adding the ability to upload the firmware directly through the web GUI would save time and resources. I hope this is taken into consideration as a feature as other Cambium lines already utilize this option. Thank you

Not your proposed solution, but it might be better than CNUT.