PMP450 violating SNMP/RFC standards


Per the PMP450 Operators Manual and numerous threads on this forum, it appears that PMP450* are not returning accurate ethernet and discard errors via if*Errors and if*Discards. Cambium is communicating that the correct objects are fec*ErrorsCount and fec*DiscardsCount respectively, which violates rfc2863 which Cambium is claiming to adhere to via IF-MIB.

This means that all operators who currently have PMP450s (presumably impacting other PMP versions/models as well) deployed and are using any modern NMS (LibreNMS in our case) to poll these devices are completely blind to accurate ethernet error and discard metrics, which is critical information in diagnosing a variety of specific cases of issues. 

Please correct this, a lot of operators who pay good money for your radios expect to have day 1 metrics like this properly served up for their monitoring purposes. Thanks!

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Please see this thread for some additional information.

I have also launched an internal discussion to determine the options we have here... I will report back in this thread.

Hi thanks, I saw that thread and replied accordingly as did a key contributor of LibreNMS - unfortunately the proposed solution is unsound. Looking forward to an expeditious fix upstream. Thanks.

Hey Matt, thanks for starting an internal discussion.  This came up due to a project mikerev is working on for e-vergent with LibreNMS.  We discovered some weird data in the NMS which led us to these posts.  I think a lot of your customers use LibreNMS so this would help a lot of operators have accurate data.  In the other thread, TonyM, is a developer on the LibreNMS project.  So I think all of the right people are engaged at this point.  Looking forward to what you report back.