PMP450 vs ePMP1000

I am looking at installing 2.4 for a NLoS solution in an area that I already have 5Ghz.

I am needing better noise immunity but also good gain on the client side.

For NLoS, would people recommend the 450 or ePMP1000 for higher performance? I know it seams stupid but There are not really any clear differences that are easy to compare between the two product lines.


This is a difficult question... it's kind of a toss up, but I think ePMP is a bit better choice because it's cheaper (there's less risk in deploying it if you do have noise issues) and secondly, it supports higher TX power output on the AP and SM's then PMP450.

On the flip side, the PMP450 at same power levels will have slightly better interference and near/non-LOS characteristics due to being able to use MIMO-A.

If you're on a budget/experimenting... try ePMP first. If money is no object, then go with PMP450.

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I just switched out a EPMP1000 2.4ghz AP for a 450-2.4ghz and about 15 clients and im seeing better performance/stability with the 450. The Latency is also lower on the 450. I'm ditching the ePMP as fast as i can on all towers.

How is your PMP450 2.4Ghz gear working out for you?  We have a great deal of 2.4 FSK gear out that does near NLOS and the 5 ghz just does not cut it in some spots.