PMP450b 3 GHz

Did anyone try the new PMP450b 3GHz SM? Do you recommend it over the normal PMP450 3.6 GHz SM with reflectors?

Gaby Waves,

                      The new 450b has an updated processor that has more PPS vs the legacy Canopy SM which yields better performance for capacity and package offerings. 

So, now you're getting two responses from Cambium people (not real customers), but I will chime in on a couple of points...

1) As Justin mentions, updated processor - Can support higher throughputs, more PPS, smoother overall experience

2) Higher Tx Power - The 450b is capable of up to 29 dBm Tx Power, and combined with the 20 (sometimes 21) dBi integrated parabolic dish, this can reach the EIRP maximum allowed by CBRS Part 96 rules. (i.e. the overall system gain is higher than that of the original 450 SM, even with reflector).

3) Wider frequency support - If you're in the US, this isn't that big a deal, but this radio covers from 3.3 to 3.9 GHz.

I hope some of the folks that already have these can chime in with their experiences too. (More people will be receiving and deploying these over the next several weeks, as they have now been in production for a few weeks already.)

In our testing we found the 450b to be about 1dB better gain then a regular SM w/KP reflector dish. We found throughput in both bridge and NAT modes to be considerably better. From a physical design standpoint, it's very easy to assemble and work with, and easy to align. We're excited to make this our go to radio for CBRS.

One more thing that wasn't mentioned previously was that the mbps licensing model is gone... so one less thing to worry about!