PMP450b and PMP450i R21 Radio Uptime Bug

Hey, just a heads up… PMP450b and PMP450i radios running R21 for more then 15 days may show the radio uptime as being more than 1 year. As far as I know, there’s no real harm in having it run this way. The bug has been reported to Cambium engineers, they know what’s causing the issue and a fix is planned in R21.1 here shortly.


Oops. This bug will show up on 450i and 450b and MicroPoP radios after 17 days of uptime on 21.0.

We’ll get this fixed in 21.1.

Thanks for finding and reporting, @Eric_Ozrelic!

Hi @Charlie,

when do you think will be out 21.1?
Will be an immediate release to correct these bugs or will a nromal scheduled release in months?

Software releases depends on how long some of the fixes take to implement and what else is found, so I’m always hesitant to state a date. That being said, current plan of record is to release 21.1 in April.

This has been resolved in 21.1 BETA-1.

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