PMP450b Default Mode

How do you get a PMP450b high gain to boot default mode?

I have tried. Power up at least 10 seconds. Remove power from for less then 2 seconds. I get to the a screen and click button to boot to default mode. The unit does not boot to default mode. This is with firmware. I have done this with PMP450i units in past and its works just fine, granted they use a different POE power supply.

Naturally this is with an SM that locks on AP for few seconds then drops off and trying to determine why.

I have not seen this before.  We will try to reproduce this behavior internally and get back to you... 

We have heard reports that there are some nuances with how long to wait for the power cycle depending on the hardware type being used.  However, once you're in recovery mode, clicking the button should get the radio to return to defaults.

I can sure get to that screen and push the "Boot - Default Mode" button.  It does not ever come back and answer on again.

Only seems to happen on and only if under "Packet Filter Configuration" you have everything checked except "PPPoE".  Any idea how to get back into units?

Weird, we also noticed this combination makes the units reboot constantly. The reason we needed to enter default mode. We have about 10 second window to log in after they connect to AP and to 'quickly' uncheck "Packet Filters" before unit reboots. When that setting is unchecked it will stay locked on AP and we can down grade to 15.2 and then reenable packet filters.

In order to help get to the bottom of this one, please open a support ticket.

I think they are going to ask you to capture the "engineering.cgi" file and send it in.

To do this, please follow these instructions:

Engineering .cgi files

  1. Open web browser and type in IP address of first radio.
  2. Go to system administration in order to complete logon process.
  3. After logon, type into your address bar: http://xx.xx.xx.xx/engineering.cgi  
    1. (Change the xx.xx.xx.xx with the device ip address).
  4. Copy all and paste it on MS word and mail it back to us. 

Was this issue with high gain PMP450b resolved in 15.2.1?

Yes, we fixed an issue related to this in 15.2.1.  However, we were unable to replicate the behavior you describe regarding rebooting of the radio.  

Please try this release and let us know if you're still having issues. Thanks!