PMP450b higher gain

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Hello. I am awaiting the arrival of the 450b high gain to see what all the hype is about. Will the 450b high gain work with previous firmware versions or will I need to update? My current 450APs are on 15.0.2 and up.


The 450b High Gain was first supported in release 15.1.4. However, we found an issue in 15.1.4/15.1.5 where on occasion the 450b Mid-Gain and High Gain would be unable to process receive data on a channel. The AP would need to restart the session. Sometimes this would happen automatically after 5 minutes and sometimes the session would need to be dropped manually. This has been fixed in the latest 15.2 Beta load.

All of these release will interoperate perfectly with older firmware (i.e. 15.0.2 as you mentioned). Even if you don't upgrade your entire network to 15.2, I would highly recommend 15.2 on your 450b radios.



What size is the allen wrench used to assemble these?

At time stamp 2:01 in the PMP 450b assembly video, Dave clearly points out the tools needed to assemble the product. It's a 13mm wrench, and a M5 Hex driver.

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