PMP450b Reduced Radio Link - Loss of dB H


We have been noticing lately a higher rate of a strange failure with the 450b 5Ghz Subscriber Units. When setting these up and connecting (and updating to 16.0.1) we have noticed on link test we see the downlink dB H reports as zero. When this happens we can also see the actual speed of the connection is reduced.

A replacement with another new unit, repeating the same procedure and the test of the radio link comes up fine - and a speed / results we would expect. This is not an alignment issue.

Are other users seeing this? We can power off and then power on the subscriber unit and the issue remains. Both the subscriber and the cnMedusa access point is running 16.0.1. We are going to try rolling back the software - but not sure it is software related as a different subscriber unit (new one) will work fine.

Normally we would see 1 every now and then .... but we have had a few lately. Just wondering if it is just us or others have seen this / does Cambium know what the issue is?