PMP450b Retro and reflector dish problem

Problem is do not fit PMP450b Retro in holder for device on reflector dish.

Please solution for this.

Unfortunately, 450b Retro devices do not fit this style of holder. These were replaced in 2011 with the style that holds them from one side, and are made of metal (not both sides as pictured).

The model of dish that Motorola sold prior to 2011 was called 27RDD.

The model that Cambium sells is HK2022A.

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whether that part can be purchased separately ( metal hold for HK2022A ) as is open on one side.

I know KP Antennas sell the part separately so you don’t have to buy a new test. Maybe buy one or two to test out and verify they will fit your reflector arm before ordering in large numbers.

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Thanks, I was going to suggest the same.

I can’t confirm 100%, but I know the arm length for the 27RD and the KP dish was different, thus the holder missed the focal point of the dish. When the 3ghz radios came out it I tried my best to retro-fit but couldn’t come up with a practical solution that didn’t look like crap. Imagine the egg on my face after telling the bosses the CPE were drop in replacement “don’t even have to re-align!”. If KP on the other hand has since made a retro-fit design that fits in the 27RD that’d be awesome - hopefully someone can confirm.

The big heat sink on the 3ghz was an excuse at the time, but man… doing it again and not taking the time to test the 27RD for the “retro” radio? Like… come on Cambium… :expressionless:

Yeah, glad to have not even considered this cpe.

does anyone have a picture of arm for HK2022A,.all pictures on the internet are from 27RD .

The dish we sell (under HK2022A) is this one:

We use the KP Performance dish. And the one thing we learned is that the Claw has to hold the retro where it is facing up towards the dish not down. Its about a 10db difference