PMP450i 3.65 Link test results 4-500k radio at 7X

After upgrading to 20.1 we started to get some complaints of slow speed at times. Ran Link Capacity Tests (Link Test with Bridging and MIR) to see if that showed something and mostly get 4-500K in both directions to the SM’s even though the link is at 7X or 8X.

At other times seeing 3/0.6 Mbps.

Ran the test in cnMaestro and get 44/15 Mbps.

Tries upgrading to 20.2.1 and the same thing.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Can not say we have observed this kind of problem in our network with 3.6 just others, What is the Packet Length when you run the test?

The default length of 1714,

What happens if you do a link test without MIR? Have you checked each network segment to make sure that the ethernet ports aren’t experiencing any errors and are negotiating at the correct speeds?

Now the tests are coming back normal, tried 12 hours ago and then now, getting about 40/10 Mbps.


Do you use Preseem for these clients?