PMP450i 900 mhz Regging Issue

I am having some regging and re-regging issues with my PMP450i sectors, here are the scenarios:

Tower 1:

PMP450i 900 MHz - Pointing North - 14.2.1

7 mhz channels

PMP100 900 MHz - Pointing South - 13.4.1

Sharing Sync from Packetflux site Monitor

Have used the colocation tool to make sure they sync is compatible.  Both sectors are set on opposite ends of the spectrum.  The spectrum does have some noise.  I have no regging/re-regging issues on the PMP100 sector, just on the PMP450i sector.  The PMP450i sector replaced a PMP100 900 MHz sector that also had no regging/re-regging issues previously.

Tower 2:

PMP450i 900 MHz - Pointing North East - 14.2

PMP450i 900 MHz - Pointing South - 14.2

Both 10 MHz channels

Sharing Sync with ePMP 5 GHz sectors from Packetflux site monitor.

Once again, I did my research ond doing making sure that the PMP450i and ePMP don't conflict with each other when they are syncing.  Once again, this spectrum isn't immaculate but it isn't too horrible.  Each sector is on the cleanest channel on opposite ends of the spectrum.  We are having lots of regging/re-regging issues with just the PMP450i sectors.

I have a number of PMP450 sectors on our network (some of which are also sharing sync with PMP100 sectors as well) and I have no regging/ re-regging issues.  Is there something that is different in the 450i sectors that I am missing or is the 900 MHz 450i just more sensitive to noise then the PMP100 stuff is?

What version of the Packetflux device are you using?

Forrest from Packetflux has updated his device to work better with the 450i products. I am not sure whether the GPS sync is causing SMs attached to re-register.

I am using the PacketFlux SiteMonitor Base II Rev H0 with Gigabit Sync Injector Rev I0 and just a standard SyncPipe from them.  Do I need to be upgrading to a SyncBox at my PMP450i sites then to try and solve the issue?

The gigabit syncinjector Revision I0 should work fine with the 450i, (easy to remember, I0 = 450i).  You shouldn't need to move from a syncpipe basic to a syncbox jr basic, as there isn't much difference other than the packaging.  Occasionally we'll find a customer which for whatever reason has issues with power-port sync and as such needs to move to timing port sync (or vice versa) - in which chase a SyncBox 12, SyncBox Jr Deluxe, or SyncBox Jr Aux Port version would make sense.

With that in mind, unless you are seeing timing-related events in the event log, I would be skeptical (but not 100% confident) that the re-regs are caused by timing signal interruptions.   There are a few timing-related parameters in the base unit which will help verify the quality of the signal.   If you want to take a couple of caputures of the binary and analog tabs and shoot them off in an email to, we can take a look at them and determine if we see any weirdness.


(PacketFlux Technologies)

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I will be sending an email your way very soon. Thank you Forrest!