PMP450i 900Mhz performance degrades over a period of time.

I have a site that routinely degrades without reason.  We initally thought it was interference, since changing channels temporarily fixed the problem, but we've not been able to find a source.  It now appears that the simple act of restarting the AP was the actual fix, so it doesn't appear to be interference at all.  I have a number of other sites, some of them in wireless range of this stie that do not appear to have any issues using the same setup and timing.

I began to suspect a timing issue and replaced the uGPS and timing cable, but no luck.

I'm currently running 14.2.  As said, I have other sites on 14.2 with the same setup that do not appear to have any issue.  I am upgrading to 15.0.1 as of this post to continue troubleshooting.

Failing that, my next step seems to be replacing the AP even though there are no indicators in the logs that the AP has any issues.

Has anyone seen this behavior?


We stopped our new 450I 900 deployment and went to stronger antennas with the epmp 1000 and 2000 radios. We went higher in some cases installed a tv tower to get over the trees. We had nothing but problems with the 450I 900 stuff it worked well off the start but degraded over time, speeds were inconsisent and random disconnects. with no noise floor.

@tanner have any of the Cambium hotfixes solved your 450i Issues? How many 900 SMs do you have out in the wild? 

Please see this thread also.

We are working toward a fix of this on the next software release.