PMP450i and Sync Issues

Seeing an issue on PMP450i AP's with sync.

Almost all our PxP450i gear is powered by packetflux sync injectors.

We will see an issue where we get an alarm that the units lost sync.  Even though they are not set to generate sync when its lost they will give an error that they have no sync and still maintain client connections for hours.

Rebooting the AP and it has sync again.  This is not rebooting the sync injector just software reboot of AP.  This is on 15.1.1.

Other PMP450 not "i" ap's and PMP100 gear at same site will not lose sync even though entire site is provided by one sync pipe.

Anyone else seeing anything like this?

Well, you made me look...

Most of my 450i APs are getting Sync over the power port, but I cheked the 3 I have which use PacketFlux SyncBox Jr devices, and sure enough, one of them was generating Sync, even though it was getting the pulse!

10/24/2017 : 18:06:31 CDT : Lost sync pulse from Timing Port/UGPS
10/24/2017 : 18:06:31 CDT : Generating Sync - Free Run
10/24/2017 : 18:06:36 CDT : Acquired sync pulse from Timing Port/UGPS

Even though the AP was reporting it was receiving the pulse on the power port, it also reported it was Generating Sync (Free Run). Strange.

There's something going on with newer firmware versions and and PMP450 AP's loosing sync from PacketFlux GPS devices. See THIS thread.