PMP450i AP thinks it's an SM

Hi, I have a PMP450i 5ghz AP which is in a subscriber mode.
I can’t find a way of setting it back to be an AP. I remember on the connectorised units you could select between the two on the General page, but I can not find an option on this one with v20 fw.
Is there something obvious I’m missing?


Configuration → Radio → Device Type?

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@johnwatkinsuk, I’m guessing the radio doesn’t have a Access Point Feature Key, which is need for AP mode. If this device previously had an AP key, rarely there is a problem and it loses the key. You will need to contact support with details and the MAC address, etc and they can generate a new key if this unit was previously keyed.

Otherwise, you can also buy AP upgrade keys on 450i devices as well.

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