I am not able to access my PMP450I AP via the GUI, I am being told it cant be found. I had some issues changing the IP address a few days ago and have since logged in via the default Ip address, but now it will not let me. I have searched up how to reset it but I can't seem to get that to work as it should either.

Can anyone give me any advice

What happens if you try using a different computer and/or browser to access it? Do you get ping response back from it at the IP you set or if you try to use the factory default, the IP?

Hello Eric,

I haven't tried that yet I am going to have to try it and come back to you. But I did have someone dial in remotely to my computer this afternoon to see if they could get in but no luck

Hello Jayson, Eric's advice of using the address would be the best course of action.  In terms of getting to the recovery console, the steps are below.  However, I've had better luck when I immediately re-apply power to the unit (vs. waiting 1-2 secs).  Basically remove power and immediately reapply (I don't even really take the connector out, just enough to remove power).  You will have 30 secs to get to the recovery console at

Procedure 27 Radio Recovery Console
1 Apply power to PSU for at least 10 seconds.
2 Remove power from the PSU, and then re-apply it as soon as the power indicator light goes out (about 1 - 2 seconds).
3 When the unit is in recovery mode, access the web interface by entering the default IP address The Recovery Image Warning page is displayed.
4 Review the Boot Selection (Table 155).
5 Select a recovery option

Boot Selection
Boot – Default Mode: Use this option to temporarily set the IP and Ethernet attributes to factory defaults until the next reboot.
Boot – Normal: Use this option to reboot the unit.

Hello Eric,

I have tried another browser and am still not able to locate it. 

Hello Chris,

I did try another browser as suggested by Eric but was not able to locate it. I have also tried the reboot that you have suggested but also I can't seem to get it to go into recovery mode