PMP450i deployment for an WISP

Dear All good day, i need some advise for the studdy of a PMP 450i deployment, it is for a WISP project. I dont have to much experience in PMP deployment so i wish to have some advise and help if possible.

Here are few questions :

- is it ok to overlap a lot of Access point ?

- How far can be a Subcriber Module ?

- how much deg tilting is good practice ?

- the best practice value for DL data ?

- What is the contention slots ?

 In the picture there is an exemple of the overlaping im talking about.


Hi Romain,

Here are the answers for your questions:

1. In the Picture there are lot of radios signal are overlapping. So, there might be a possibility for interference issue. So, we need consider other radios operating RF details.

2. 900Mhz band radios - 120 miles (193KM)

    Other bands radios - 40 miles (64KM).

3. Have attached the Tilt kit picture here and its part number is N000045L002A (New Tilt Bracket Assembly should cover most installations).

4. 75% is the best value for DL.

5. Contention slot info has been attached. 


Vijay Gnanamurtthi

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Dear Vijay,

Thank you so much for this answer it is very helpfull, i will redoo the link planer with most of your advise.

May i ask more help :)......

There is a lot of overlapping because all the SM are all over the place, limited positions for Hub but i will try to reduce it. At this moment 900Mhz is not possible for us to use in ETSI region we are limited to 5 and 2.4.

What is the best practice Tilt for the AP ?

Can you advise the software side for WISP managment using combium equipment.

Best Regards.


Hi Romain, 

For 900 MHz sector antenna horizontal and vertical alignment procedure. The antenna can be aligned from +5 to -10 degree by adjusting inner strap of upper bracket assembly provided by cambium.

You have more detailed description about this in the user guide and you can download the user guide from the below link.

Regarding WISP management software, you could use  Wireless Manager(currently supports all cambium products)  or Cloud based Cn-Maestro (supports ePMP,WIFI and R200/201 products for now, we have a road map to support pmp and PTP radios).

You can find more details about this undeer > product > software  tools.

I hope this helps and for more details about Wireless Manager or CN-Maestro usage you can read the documents availble on the above link or contact our support hotline number. 


Kumaran K