PMP450i in 2.4Ghz

Are there any plans for the 450i or 450m in 2.4Ghz band?

I've asked multiple times and the answer is nope.

No. 3.65 450i is next. Should be realesed very soon!

Then the roadmap focuses heavily on cnMedusa and ePMP. No mention of 2.4 in 450m or ePMP 2000 from what I have heard.



I have not seen anything about 450i coming out in 3.65. The last thing I saw, was during the roadmap layout of the 450m. It said 3.65 was next but the fcc has to open it back up so they can get the approval for the design or grant. With the new technology going into 450m, it almost seems a step back to drop a 450i first.

How are yall seeing 2.4 compared to 5ghz in your areas? cleaner? more space?

Still no plans for 450i in 2.4 ghz?

No.  Unfortunately, we have limited resources and the business opportunity for 2.4 GHz is small relative to that of 3 and 5 GHz.  It's only really used in North America.  We will continue to support the PMP 450 product in 2.4 and increase the feature set as the platform software evolves.

Could the same hardware platform not be used for both 2.4ghz and licensed 2.5ghz?  That might be a small market too though.

Unfortunately the filers and power amplifiers that go into the 2.4 GHz PMP 450 are specifically designed around support for the ISM band (i.e. 2400-2483.5 MHz).  They don't work in 2.5 GHz.

Stay tuned, however, as we have major plans for a product supporting the 2.3-2.7 GHz spectrum in the near future!

>>> product supporting the 2.3-2.7 GHz spectrum

Would that support the ISM band too though?

We find 2.4ghz ISM works very well on rural towers.  Not so well on towers that sit in town.

No, it is not likely that it would support the ISM band. Different rules, power levels, emission masks, etc.

I doubt we will have any need for it then.