PMP450i Increased DFS events in 15.1

I've heard from two others on the afmug email list that they've seen an uptick in DFS events since upgrading to 15.1. Has anyone on this forum experienced the same thing?

yes i have experienced this also. Cambium is hush hush and not saying anything about it

We're not intentionally withholding any information here guys...

DFS is always very tricky.  We need to meet the legal (regulatory) requirements for listening for radar signals and patterns.  The rules change a lot, and work is being done all the time to improve the algorithms.  Each software things are tweaked to achieve the best possible balance between meeting the requirements of the FCC yet limiting "false detections" as best as possible.

I am sorry to hear that you're experiencing more events than you did on prior software releases.  I will ask around internally to see if there is some obvious reason why, but my guess is that the recent rule changes required us to tighten the specs around DFS detection.

No conspiracy, just a question here.

Once the detection is active, does the unit continue to monitor the channel or is it once and done?  I know you don't set the rules, but it seems being down for a half hour is a long time when it's a false detection.

All my units are PMP450.  I assume all 450 flavors use the same algorithm.

You should have a couple alternate frequencies selected. If you have a full cluster or a pile of AP's in a small area, good luck keeping frequency assignments straight. It's been a real headache lately having AP's bounce around. Alternate frequencies will minimize the disruption, but it's still a disruption none the less.

With respect to DFS in the United States, the requirements have become more stringent. Radar detection is now required on the edge of the occupied bandwidth of the radio. It is important to check the antenna gain setting. If the gain value is not set properly, the DFS algorithm is adversely affected. Antenna gain directly affects detection threshold.