PMP450i/PMP450 DC to DC power supply in a Telco -48 VDC environment

I need to connect a PMP450 i AP or SM to a 48 VDC power supply (NO AC voltage) in a Telco Facility and power up the AP/SM throught the ethernet cable. Some know if I can use a 48 VDC to 56 VDC converter or I could connect directly to the 48 VDC the power line cable of the AP/SM to the telco power supply (some kind of spliting, power cable going to 48 VDC TELCO power supply and DATA cables to a RJ45 connector and then to the switch) or is this too much crazy to do it?

In the same way for PMP450 with a DC/DC converter from -48 VDC to 24 VDC (the PMP450 use a 30 VDC output power) so... Is possible to do something like above for the PMP450 AP/SM?


PMP450 equipment (AP/SM) will require 29Vdc. So if you have 48Vdc use a DC/DC step down transformer to step down the voltage to 29Vdc. If you don't you will get Power Fault error.

I found this products that meet this requirements. I want to share with you guys. My Best,