PMP450i uGPS Sync 2 port not working

I have a PMP450i connected to a uGPS via Aux port to Sync 1, however I cant seems to get Sync 2 working?

I am not sure I understand what you are trying to do. Can you provide a drawing or diagram to make it more clear?

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The below file is a brief sketch of what I am trying to achieve. I would like the two PMP APs to be SYNC without using an External power to power the uGPS.

I am confused by your handwritten note that the ports on the UGPS are “8-pin Eth”… the UGPS had 6-pin ports for Timing Port 1 and Timing Port 2 (the outer ports), and 8-pin for the center port (intended for PoE input).

Are you sure you’re using the UGPS and not the cnPulse? What is the model number on the label of the unit? Can you maybe provide a picture?

In the case that you are actually using cnPulse… please read below:

There is a whole Knowledge Base section centered on cnPulse, including proper setup, pinouts, etc. This can be found here:

With what you are attempting, you should review this post:

With one of the radios, you’ll need to run the PoE through the cnPulse (in-line)…

Not in the position now…will send you a picture later with the device and part#

Could you send me a brief sketch of your explanation.
Can the inline be powered from the PoE of the AUX port.


So I’m actually using a cnPulse, when you said run a PoE through ‘inline’ (Port#3) that means that AP would have to be powered by Port#2?

And the next AP is connected to AUX Port of cnPulse (Port#1) via it’s AUX Port.

So I have this config but I’m only getting connection from SMs that are talking to AP that is powered by Port#2 of cnPulse.

Question, is there any particular config that needs to be done on the APs or SMs?

Note APs are config similar to when I’m interfacing with uGPS.

Photo of device.

@Seon_Jackson, have you seen this recently-published #knowledge-base article?