PMP450i with stand alone CMM5 aggregation mode

Hi all, 

I'm staging a cluster of 3 PMP450i APs using a CMM5. 

I have enabled the aggregation mode on the CMM5, I was expecting to be able to access the 3 APs out of just one DATA port on the CMM5 but that's not the case. 

I was hoping to use only one hand-off in to the network switch, but it looks like I might be needing 3, one for each AP.

Has anyone run accross this before, or am I missing something in my configuration?

Any information is much appreciated.



I am not clear on the question regarding aggregation on a CMM5.   The CMM5 injector has 8 ports, 4 go to a switch and the other 4 coinciding ports go to the radio providing Ethernet, POE and Cambium Sync.  The injectors are not switches they are ethernet passthru's with applying the sync and POE to the radio.  Where did you see aggregation mode on the CMM5?  


You may be thinking of an older CMM4 that came with a switch option.  As Dave states, the CMM5 injector is a pass-through only, so you will need 1 network connection for each AP. 

These 4 AP network connections can go to a switch, which then has one uplink into the network, but this requires an additional piece of hardware.  Potentially you can connect the CMM5 injector (with multiple AP network connections) to a cnMatrix switch, if the CMM5 is housed indoors.  We are working on a cnMatrix hardened switch that can exist in an outdoor environment, but that won't be until mid-2019.

User Guide


I got the aggregation mode command from the CMM5 Quick Start guide. 

The command reads: Type '&0ae' to enable data aggregation

See attached. Towards the bottom right on the second page, under "In Putty screen"

But now that I know that the ports are just passthrus, I will plan to use 3 hand off to the switch. 


Jose-   Thanks for entry in the quick start guide.   I was digging to find documentation on it.  I checked with engineering and the command is for daisy chaining injectors.  If you have a controller the command is not needed.  


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